Alaska again

Someone who is reading previous pages must say " Why you can say you are a Sunday angler . You've been to Alaska several times , haven't you ? " . Of course , Alaska is very far from Japan . I can't say it is almost same as going to Akita , northern part of Japan . The flight ticket is expensive and you have to pay hotel fees so much . You have a few holidays and small pocket money , maybe . Can you go fishing in Alaska ? Yes , you can .

I can't drink alcohol any more because I have an alcohol allergy . I don't buy a fashionable suit unless I can put on . I don't do any gamble . I buy a car by seconhand , etc - - - - - . If someone has a specific purpose in the future , he should put up with some shortages . The result of one year endurance will become three thousand dollars . It is the time to go fishing in Alasla . Your boss is expected to give 3,4 days holiday , if you usually work hard . Finally , it's your life ! Alaska is your angling dream come true .

I'm going to go fishing at Copper River in July . Three hours driving from Anchorage will take me to Copper Valley , where was develped by the pipeline project . There are a lot of rivers include Copper River , Klutina River , Gakona River and Gulkana River where many salmon running up . In additon , I can go to Valdez by three hours driving . I've already booked the salt water fishing charters .

I'd like to tell you our success story then . See you .

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