In summer of 2002

1@Palmer ` Little Susitna River `

In June of 2002 , we went for salmon fishing in Palmer . There are Little Susitna River and Susitna River near Palmer , and both have enormous numbers tributaries and lagoons , and vast deltas . Both rivers are draining into the Cook Inlet .


There is few access road to the river , and is only one or two boat landings along the river . We have to drive at least 30 minutes on the gravel road to the boat landing . A boat with motor is prohibitted in the Kenai River in June , but Little Su is okay because of this reason . There are a lot of cars at the boat landing in the early morning .

Little.Su boatlanding

We were completely lucky . One king during 3days , I could fish . The statistics says one king 4 or 5 days with guided boat is average in the Kenai River .

Fish on!

2@Denali flight-seeing

Since fishing was finished in the forenoon , we went to Talkeetna to see Mt.Mckinley (Denali). 3 hours driving took us Talkeetna , but unfortunately it was rainy then . All flights were cancelled . I tried next day again . Though it looked rainy , the flight-seeing was opened . We could book three seats , but the Mckinley course was changed to the glacier course because of bad weather .


The plane took off with slight acceleration , and Talkeetna was going backward soon . I had an illusion that I didn't move any more , because the mountains were too big . The glaciers were covered with cold fog , but I sometimes could see the blue ice field .

The real pleasure of fishing expedition in Alaska is not only the bite of kingsalmon , but also such a grand nature . We are living in the very developed country , so we are easily satisfied with secondary or artificial nature . However, real nature still remains here . I don't know what will happen here in the future . We visited the museum in Talkeetna . It put Mr.Naomi Uemura's articles on display , who had passed away at the Mt.Mckinley in winter of 1984 . I wonder he might have climbed up on that glacier .

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