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Chapter 1
In autumn of 2016
Past Fishing trips
in Alaska
Fishing in Tasmania Australia
Kodiak Silver!
Kodiak Silversalmon in September
I am a fisherman living in Tokyo Japan. When fishing alone, I often go to the mountain streams in Tokyo, but I sometimes go fishing with my friend in Akita and Yamagata. When the smelt and the kokkanee fishing season comes, I go fishing at Lake Sai and Lake Motosu once or twice a month. Yes, I am a so-called "Sunday angler".

I'd never thought I would go fishing in Alaska so far. However, I fortunately got the chance to visit there in 2001 and tried to catch a kingsalmon that is the biggest salmon in the Pacific Ocean .

There remains vast and grand untamed wilderness in Alaska , so you can emmerse yourself in the priceless world and meet the gifts from nature, Yes ! Salmon. I'd like you to see this delightful world. Yes, so you think you can fish a kingsalmon.

I am not like an angler who usually appears on the fishing magazines as an expert fisherman. I have to work hard as a mid-level superviser, and have to do a lot of chores at home. With my wife's cooperation , I can expand my fishing range and have opportunities in spite of these responsibilities. I really appreciate her very much. Thank you dear!

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